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Eclipse Elixir

Obsidian & Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Water Bottle

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Experience the transformative power of Eclipse Elixir, a celestial fusion of Obsidian and Clear Quartz crystals that captivates both the body and soul. As you partake in your wellness rituals, let the enigmatic allure of this glass bottle enrich your water, infusing it with grounding energy and illuminating clarity. Embrace the ritual of renewal as you bask in the profound connection offered by this captivating elixir.

Más detalles

Part of the Bearaters Power range, this beautiful 650ml glass water bottle contains healing Obsidian crystals. The Power range aims to utilize the deep and bold colors and properties of the crystals to ignite your inner warrior and encourage sparkling lives, harnessing our vitality, strength, and inner power. The glass bottles differ from plastic ones as they feature a removable chamber, meaning that you don't have to buy different bottles to change your favorite crystal's healing power; you can simply switch the chambers. Our range of chambers can be found here. Obsidian is the stone for self-awareness, enhancing your internal and external vision.

Perfecto para

-Grounds and stabilizes emotions;
-Amplifies energy and vitality;
-Encourages self-reflection and personal growth;
-Provides protection and strength;
-Facilitates balance and harmony;