Leather bag | Case for razors and shaving brushes

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The stylish accessory for storing shaving utensils and for traveling: the sober leather bag. The leather case is made of natural leather, which is unique in the world for its allergy and environmental friendliness, and is made by hand in a Berlin factory. With two compartments, it offers space for storing the appropriate razor blades and holds the safety razor and shaving brush (not included) securely in the case with an elastic band. The protective case is easily closed with a black brass push button. We have also included a practical storage option - in case the leather case gets wet. Handmade in Germany. Tanned IVN natural leather (organic circle) Handmade in a Berlin leather factory Suitable for all safety razors/wet razors and brushes 2 additional compartments for razor blades Length x width: 23 cm x 14.5 cm Elegant design in matt black The leather case is due to the material used, From plant-based, heavy-metal-free and gentle tanning to the selection of local raw hides, everything is geared towards natural and sustainable production. The production of our cases requires many hours of craftsmanship and sensitivity - from start to finish. The natural beauty of this custom-made leather acquires an additional patina with long-term use, the traces of its owner and his experiences. Suitable for all standard safety razors/wet razors and brushes

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