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Amethyst & Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Water Bottle

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Unwind, refresh, and revitalize with Tranquilitea, the ultimate companion for your well-being rituals. This elegantly crafted glass bottle is infused with the harmonious energy of Amethyst and Clear Quartz crystals, enhancing your water with their soothing and purifying properties. Embrace the serene moments as you sip from this enchanting elixir, allowing the gentle rhythm of the crystals to instill a sense of calm within you.
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This 650ml water bottle contains Amethyst Healing Crystals. The Magic range was designed to revive your sense of wonder for the world, as everyone needs a little magic in their lives. This range is all about living cores and shimmering synthetics that bring water bottles to life. Amethyst healing crystals are associated with conscience, a sense of justice, and inner peace. It has a strong energy and on a physical level it is said to protect the brain, nerves and skin. People say it can relieve pain, swelling and bruising and relax tension. This makes Water Clarity a must in your home.

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-Promotes inner peace and relaxation;
-Enhances mental clarity and focus;
-Purifies and energizes the body;
-Supports emotional balance and spiritual growth;
-Encourages a tranquil state of mind;