Black aluminum shaving brush

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Ready for a great shaving experience every time, even when traveling? The sober shaving brush made of light and stable aluminum and superior soft bristles is the perfect tool for achieving a foaming effect on the shaving cream and raising the beard hairs so that the blade can glide evenly over the skin. The 3-part aluminum shaving brush consists of an aluminum coat with a matt black coating, into which the brush can be completely retracted after use if necessary. Aluminum shaving brush handmade in Germany Vegan bristles that feel like badger hair Silvertip Perfect for traveling thanks to its low weight Can be completely retracted if necessary Elegant design in matt black The best wet shave requires the best tools - even when you're on the go. We spent a lot of time ensuring that the individual hairs were perfectly worked into the brush head by hand in order to ensure maximum stability and reliability for each hair during use. The unusual design of the head allows the brush to breathe even when it is lowered into the case to avoid any possible bacterial growth from the start. Height: 130 or 68 mm Diameter: 31 mm with a weight of only 36 grams. Made in Germany.

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