Four Seasons Duvet

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The ultimate sleeping experience The number 1 duvet! This 100% TENCEL™ duvet is our bestseller and the ultimate addition to your TENCEL™ bedding. It breathes like no other fabric, so you sleep wonderfully and wake up rested. The solution to many sleeping problems! The duvets are extremely soft, flexible and slightly heavier, so you will sleep deeper. Animal-friendly (down is not), hypoallergenic and much better temperature regulating. Our luxurious satin weave is also strong and the durable material retains its quality year after year. Our duvets are unique in the Netherlands: both the cover and the filling are made of 100% TENCEL™. So that the benefits of the fabric are fully expressed, unlike duvets that have a cotton exterior or a different material filling. In short: 100% TENCEL™, 100% enjoyment, 100% comfort. Sleep benefits TENCEL™ duvet 100% plant-based, therefore animal-friendly, unlike down Heat regulating, always the ideal temperature in bed Optimal breathability, no problems with night sweats or menopausal complaints Heavier, so you will sleep deeper Anti-allergic ideal for dust mites, asthma or other allergies Hypoallergenic, soft for sensitive skin Sustainably produced for even better sleep! Why TENCEL™? TENCEL™ is a sustainable 100% vegetable fiber, made from eucalyptus trees from sustainably managed forests. Heavier than down, lighter than wool. As soft and luxurious as silk, but much stronger and also very easy to maintain. Four seasons duvet Our four seasons (also called all seasons) consist of a summer duvet and a spring-autumn duvet that are easy to tie together. The best match for every season. Warmth classSummer duvet: 4Spring autumn duvet: 3Together: 1

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