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Kids - TENCEL™ Twill Duvet Cover Beige

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Size: 100x135 (without pillowcase)
The number 1 children's bedding. This irresistibly soft children's duvet cover made of 100% TENCEL™ ensures that your child always has the right temperature in bed. Due to the special properties of the TENCEL™ fiber, this duvet cover regulates the temperature perfectly. Your sweet little one will no longer get too hot or too cold. In addition, our 100% TENCEL™ breathes like the best. It immediately absorbs moisture and repels it again. So that your child's bed always feels nice and dry and not clammy.TENCEL™ is incredibly mild and gentle for sensitive baby skin. That is why it is ''The number 1 bedding'' for children with skin problems, asthma, dust mite allergy and eczema. The perfect bedding to sleep under if you don't want your child to overheat or be too cold. Your child will sleep wonderfully and safely under our Coco & Cici bedding. We think this will also help you sleep better! Just like cotton, TENCEL™ has different types of weaves and qualities. This 100% TENCEL™ bedding in twill weave, just like our sateen weave, is durable, soft and of the highest quality. It has a matte look, so no luxurious shine like our sateen weave. Sleep benefits Research shows that our 100% TENCEL™ bedding is so extremely mild and gentle on baby's skin, that even little ones with allergies and severe eczema sleep better. Comfort very breathable absorbs 150% more moisture than cotton quickly dry > no clammy bed temperature regulating warm in winter cool in summer proven better night's sleep Sleeping beauty silky soft & supple optimal moisture regulation antiallergic & antibacterial unfavorable for bacterial growth a solution for dust mite allergy or asthma gentle for sensitive baby skin Sustainable 100% natural and plant-based sustainable production process made from eucalyptus and beech trees from FSC certified forests and plantations 20x less water required for production than cotton chlorine-free bleaching process biodegradable fiber winner Eco Flower award and the European prize for the environment

Size: 100x135 (without pillowcase)