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Gin Tonic Herbs

Gin Tonic Self-Growing Kit

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Elevate your gin tonic experience with the Gin Tonic Herbs, a mini garden box offering a special selection of rosemary, strawberry, and cucumber. Cultivate and savor the difference of fresh and aromatic flavors, transforming each sip into a unique sensory journey.
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Gin Tonic is one of the most popular cocktails in the world. For its preparation, 3 elements are basic: gin, tonic and ice, so we can add a lot of nuances by incorporating ingredients like the ones you can grow with this kit. The Gin Tonic Kit contains everything you need to grow rosemary, strawberries and cucumbers: 3 100% biodegradable germination pots, 3 peat tablets, 3 seed bombs wrapped in tissue paper and 3 sheets with the necessary care for each plant.

Recommendations for correct cultivation:

• The first few days should not give direct sun, they need clarity and indirect light.

• When plants grow in moderation, avoiding enchantment.

• To place the plant in its final location, insert each biodegradable stick into the soil of the final stick.

Once in the ground it will degrade very quickly.

• We recommend using mallets at least 12 cm in diameter.

Perfect for

- Perfect for mixologists and gin enthusiasts;

- Perfect for hosting unique and flavorful cocktail parties;

-Perfect for garnishing and enhancing the flavor of gin and tonics;