Mediterranean Orchard

Mediterranean Orchard - Mini Garden Box

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Awaken your senses with the Mediterranean Orchard, a mini garden box that brings the aromatic essence and fresh flavor of the most beloved herbs from Mediterranean cuisine. Cultivate rosemary, oregano, and thyme right in your home and add an authentic touch to your favorite dishes.

More Details

This variety contains a selection of three aromatic herbs typical of the Mediterranean basin, such as: rosemary, oregano and thyme. The plants that you can grow with this mini garden can be used fresh and dried and help you improve your best recipes thanks to their excellent flavor and magnificent aroma. Each kit contains 3 100% biodegradable germination pots, 3 peat tablets, 3 c seed bombs and three tabs with the necessary care for each plant.

Recommendations for correct cultivation:

• The first few days should not give direct sun, they need clarity and indirect light.

• When plants grow in moderation, avoiding enchantment.

• To place the plant in its final location, insert each biodegradable stick into the soil of the final stick.

Once in the ground it will degrade very quickly.

• We recommend using mallets at least 12 cm in diameter.

Perfect for

- Perfect for home chefs who love Mediterranean flavors;

-Perfect for those who enjoy gardening in small spaces;

-Perfect for adding fresh herbs to homemade pizza and pasta dishes;