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TENCEL™ - Twill Duvet Cover Light Blue

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Size: 200x200 + 2 pillowcases (60x70)
New collection: matte weave This 100% TENCEL™ bedding in twill weave, just like our sateen weave, is durable, soft and of the highest quality. It has a matte look, so no luxurious shine like our sateen weave. TENCEL™ bedding always ensures the right temperature in bed and breathes like no other fabric. Ideal if you suffer from night sweats or if you are always too hot or too cold in bed. This wonder substance has endless benefits that help you sleep better. Do you have an allergy or sensitive skin? This substance is a godsend, as it is anti-allergic and anti-bacterial. And, last but not least, it is one of the most sustainable fabrics available. That really sleeps well! The biggest difference between twill (matte) and sateen TENCEL™ bedding? Just like cotton, TENCEL™ has different types of weaves and qualities. We make all our bedding from fabrics in weaves of the highest possible quality. Our Twill weave has a more matte look than our Sateen weave. It is less smooth and shiny. This makes it otherwise soft, but (as you have come to expect from us) still sensationally soft. We compare it to your nicest T-shirt that you have been wearing for years. So soft! The Twill weave is somewhat firmer compared to our flexible Sateen weave due to the diagonal weave structure. In addition, it has a somewhat cooler, natural look. You can also enjoy all the other wonderful properties of TENCEL™ with this weave. Sleep benefitsThe 100% TENCEL™ bedding from Coco & Cici gives a sensational feeling on your skin and has endless fine properties that provide an unprecedented sleeping experience: Comfort, very breathable, less bothered by perspiration, absorbs 150% more moisture than cotton, quick dry > no clammy bed temperature regulating warm in winter cool in summer proven better night's sleep Sleeping beauty soft & supple optimal moisture regulation antiallergic & antibacterial unfavorable for bacterial growth a solution for dust mite allergy or asthma gentle for sensitive skin prevents wrinkles & frizzy hair Sustainable 100% natural and plant-based sustainable production process made from eucalyptus and beech trees from FSC certified forests and plantations 20x less water required for production than cotton chlorine-free bleaching process biodegradable fiber winner of the Eco Flower award and the European Prize for the Environment

Size: 200x200 + 2 pillowcases (60x70)