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2025 Color Trends in Interior Design: A Journey to the Future

Discover the amazing 2025's color trends in interior design. From captivating blues to harmonious aquatics, these trendsetting hues transcend aesthetics, intertwining narratives of change and connection, with BUDWING 

Color Trends in Interior Design for 2025

Explore the Color Trends and Palettes of 2025

 interior design trends for 2025 by WGN (BUDWING)

Source: Room with Different Color Palettes -  Pinterest

The world of interior design is a canvas that constantly evolves, with colors serving as the brushstrokes that bring life and character to every space. As we peer into the horizon of spring and summer 2025, a mesmerizing symphony of hues is poised to redefine aesthetics and resonate across industries. Drawing insights from WGSN, we delve deeper into the five prevailing colors that are set to shape the very essence of design in the coming season.


1. Future Dusk: An Enigmatic Blend of Blue and Purple

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Future Dusk, a color that effortlessly melds the richness of blue with the mystique of purple. This enigmatic hue serves as a gateway to escapism, evoking feelings of wonder and curiosity.

interior design trends

Source: Home with the New Trend Colors: Future Dusk - Pinterest

Symbolizing transitions and new beginnings, Future Dusk invites designers to explore uncharted territories. In interior design, it can find a home in spaces seeking a fresh perspective, offering a visual narrative of transformation that unfolds as one navigates through the room.


2. Aquatic Awe: Immersing in the Harmony of Nature and Technology

In an era defined by the integration of nature and technology, Aquatic Awe takes center stage with its aquatic turquoise.

Inspired by the bioluminescent wonders of the sea and the ethereal realms of virtual experiences, this color encapsulates the equilibrium between the organic and the synthetic.

interior design trends for 2025 

Source: Home with the New Trend Colors: Aquatic Awe - Pinterest

As interior design embraces wellness and sustainability, Aquatic Awe finds its place in spaces that aim to evoke serenity and balance. Imagine a living room that seamlessly merges natural textures with futuristic accents, harmonizing the elements in a visual tapestry.


3. Ray Flower: Sowing Seeds of Regeneration and Connection

The radiant yellow of Ray Flower blooms as a testament to regeneration and interconnectedness. Drawing inspiration from the sunflower's sustainable prowess, this color resonates with the ethos of considerate sustainability.

Interior spaces adorned in Ray Flower exude a sense of purpose and vitality, fostering an atmosphere where occupants feel a deep connection to both their surroundings and the world at large.

interior design for 2025

Source: Home with the New Trend Colors: Ray Flower - Pinterest

Think of a sunlit kitchen infused with this hue, cultivating an environment that embodies responsible living and mindful consumption.


4. Sunset Coral: Infusing Vibrancy and Self-Care

As the world seeks solace and rejuvenation, Sunset Coral emerges as a vibrant embodiment of joy and self-care. This invigorating color invites individuals to realign their priorities and embrace the art of finding pleasure in the present moment.

interior desing trends

Source: Home with the New Trend Colors: Sunset Coral - Pinterest

In interior design, Sunset Coral could adorn spaces designated for relaxation and revitalization, such as cozy reading nooks or tranquil meditation corners.

Its warm embrace encourages inhabitants to indulge in the pleasures of idleness, fostering an atmosphere of conscious hedonism.


5. Transcendent Pink: Navigating the Nexus of Reality and Virtuality

As virtual worlds and soft AI become more integral to our lives, the need for grounding becomes paramount. Transcendent Pink steps forward as a nuanced neutral, offering a gentle counterpoint to the digital frenzy. Its dusty undertones create an oasis of calm, providing respite from the relentless stream of information.

interior design trends

Source: Home with the New Trend Colors: Transcendent Pink - Pinterest

This color finds its place in interior design as a means to create spaces of serenity.

Imagine a home office adorned in Transcendent Pink, where the mind finds reprieve from the demands of the virtual landscape, fostering focus and contemplation.



In this conclusion, it's highlighted that BUDWING products boast neutral hues, allowing them to seamlessly complement the unfolding trends.

As the ever-evolving tapestry of interior design continues to unfurl, the significance of these 2025 trend colors goes beyond mere visual appeal. They skillfully encapsulate narratives of change, connection, and solace, weaving a profound story into the very essence of our living spaces.

As we welcome a new season, these colors take on the role of guiding lights, shaping interiors that beautifully mirror our desires, values, and aspirations. Their enduring influence leaves an indelible mark on the canvas of design, creating a lasting impression that effortlessly harmonizes with the ever-changing landscape of design.


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