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Privacy Policy


Through the current data protection policy, BUDWING (formerly Confort24) informs users of the way in which user data will be handled, with the intention of allowing users to decide, freely and voluntarily, if they would like to provide the requested information.

Within this website we respect and protect user personal data. As such, you must know that your rights are guaranteed.

From BUDWING (formerly Confort24) we guarantee our compliance to the following values in order to guarantee your privacy:

  • We never request personal information unless it’s truly required in order to provide the services requested by the client.
  • We never share our users personal information with anyone, unless it’s for the compliance of the law, or in the event we receive expressed authorization from the client.
  • We’ll never use your personal data with different means than that expressed within the privacy policy.

We have to advise that this privacy policy can be modified with the means of adapting new regulations, meaning that we recommend that users check this section periodically.

BUDWING (formerly Confort24) is in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 27th April 2016 on the protection of natural persons (RGPD).

Personal Data Management Overseer

  • Identity: BUDWING (formerly Confort24)
  • NIF: 515053090
  • Address: Rua da Industria, nº13, 3420-316 Tábua
  • Telephone: 964 589 587
  • Email Address:

For the management of user personal data, we implement all technical measures and safety organizers established in current legislation.

Characteristics that will be applied to your personal information

Within the management of personal data, we’ll apply the following characteristics that are adjusted to the requirements of the new RGDP:

  • Legality, loyalty and transparency: We will always require your consent to manage your personal data for one or more specific means which you will be informed of beforehand.
  • Minimizing data: We will only request data strictly required in relation to the means we’ll need them for.
  • Conservation period limitation: Data will be maintained for no longer than it is required for the means it’s needed for.
  • Integrity and confidentiality: Your data will be managed in such a way that adequate security is guaranteed for your personal data and confidentiality is also guaranteed. BUDWING (formerly Confort24) will take the necessary precautions to avoid unauthorized or undue access to our user’s data by third parties.

How have we obtained your data?

The personal data we deal with proceeds from:

  • A Contact form
  • An email
  • When registering as a user

Which are your rights when providing your details?

Interested persons have a right to:

  • Request access to their collected personal data
  • Request the correction or removal of their data
  • Request the limitation of management
  • Oppose to management
  • Request the portability of their data

Interested persons may access their personal data, and may also request the correction of incorrect data or, when necessary, may request the removal of data when it is no longer required for what they had been originally provided for. In certain situations, interested persons may request the limitation of the management of their data, in which case only be used for exercising defence claims.
In certain situations and for reasons relating to a particular situation, interested persons may oppose the management of their data. BUDWING (formerly Confort24) will stop dealing with details, except for legitimate reasons or for exercising possible defence claims. As an interested person, you have a right to the portability of data, meaning, you may receive personal data that you have provided and transmit them to another person responsible of management when:

  • The management is based on consent.
  • When the data has been provided by the interested person.
  • When the data is provided via automatic mediums.

By exercising your right to the portability of data, you will have the right to have your personal data transferred directly from manager to manager when technically possible.
Interested persons also have the right to effective legal protection and may present a claim to the control authority, in this case, the Portuguese Data Protection Authority (CNPD), if it’s considered that the management of personal data that concerns you is infringing the Regulation.

To which end do we manage personal data?

When a user is connected to the website, for example, to comment on a post, send an email, subscribe or deal with any type of contracting, they are providing information of a personal nature to BUDWING (formerly Confort24). This information can include details of a personal nature, which might include your IP address, name, physical address, email address, telephone number and further information. By providing this information, the user provides consent to that their information may be compiled, used, handled and stored by BUDWING (formerly Confort24), as is described in the Legal Warning and Privacy Policy.
At BUDWING (formerly Confort24) there are different collection systems in place for personal information and information management that are provide by interested persons via:

  • Contact Form: The following personal data is requested: Name, email, contact number and other information that can be provided in the body of the message, in order to respond to website requirements. For example, we can use this data to answer a request and respond to queries, complaints or comments on the information included on the website, the services provided via the website or the treatment of a users personal details.

Legitimacy for the treatment of your data

BUDWING (formerly Confort24) is legitimized to the treatment of your personal data, based on the interested person’s consent as is available in article 6.1 of the cited RGDP.

Conservation Period for your data

Your provided personal data will be stored for as long as a commercial relationship is maintained and, when necessary, during the years necessary to conform with legal obligations or until the interested person requests the removal of their data.

Security Measures

BUDWING (formerly Confort24) is committed to the use and treatment of personal data of users, respecting confidentiality, to use them in accordance with the means of the user and also to comply with obligation to store this information and adapt all measures to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with what is established in current data protection regulations.
When a security incident is noticed, once BUDWING (formerly Confort24) becomes aware, they must inform the user without delay and provide information that is relevant to the security incident, once known..

Data Accuracy

The user is the only party responsible for the veracity of the data provided to BUDWING (formerly Confort24), exonerating them from any responsibility regarding the matter.
Users guarantee and respond, in any event, to the exactitude, validity and authenticity of the provided personal data, and promise to keep this data up to date. The user accepts that complete and correct information is provided on the contact and subscription form.

Acceptance and Consent

The user declares that they have been informed of the conditions concerning the protection of personal data, accepting and consenting to the treatment of said data by BUDWING (formerly Confort24), in such a way and for ends indicated within this privacy policy.


The provided consent, both for treatment and for the transfer of the data of interested persons, it’s possible to revoke at any time by communicating with BUDWING (formerly Confort24) the terms established within this Privacy Policy in order to exercise your rights.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

BUDWING (formerly Confort24) reserves the right to modify the current privacy policy in order to adapt to new legislations, as with industry practices. In this case, BUDWING (formerly Confort24)  will announce on this page the changes that have been introduced with sufficient forewarning of said changes being put into practice.


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